Students Will Learn

Workhorse Fitness Student Learning Things

Professional Wrestling (often shortened to pro wrestling or simply wrestling) is a form of Performance Art Entertainment that combines Athletics with Theatrical Performance. It takes the form of Events, held by Touring Companies, that Mimic a Title-Match Combat Sport. The Unique form of Sport portrayed is Fundamentally Based on – and Evolved FromClassical & “Catch” Wrestling, with Modern Additions of Striking Attacks, Strength-Based Holds & Throws & Acrobatic Maneuvers. Much of these Derive from the Influence of various International Martial Arts. An Additional Aspect of Combat with Improvised Weaponry is sometimes Included.

Workhorse Fitness Performance Center Things You Will Learn

  • Respect
  • Locker Room Etiquette
  • In Ring Safety
  • Front Bumps
  • Back Bumps
  • Side Bumps
  • Bum Bumps
  • Running the Ropes
  • Selling
  • Shooting
  • Working
  • Ring Psychology
  • Showmanship
  • Intensity
  • Charisma
  • Lockups
  • Arm Holds
  • Leg Holds
  • Chain Wrestling
  • Ring Entrance
  • Mic Work
  • Establishing the Baby (Good Guy)
  • Establishing the Heel (Bad Guy)
  • Baby Heat
  • Heel Heat
  • Rest Holds
  • Hot Comebacks
  • Spots
  • High Spots
  • Hope Spots
  • Baby Spots
  • Heel Spots
  • Turnaround Spots
  • False Finishes
  • Finishing Move
  • Wrestling Terms
  • Wrestling Expressions
  • Gimmick (Character Development)
  • Your Entrance Music
  • Your Work Name
  • Your Outfit
  • Your Promo Pictures
  • Your Promo Video
  • Your Promo Package
  • A Full Wrestling Match

Plus: A Tryout with a Major Wrestling Federation

A Tryout with a Major Wrestling Federation i.e.: WWE, Impact Wrestling, ROH – Ring of Honor, AEW – All Elite Wrestling, MLW – Major League Wrestling, Tripple A & NJPW – New Japan Pro Wrestling

Language & Moves